About Us

Why choose BitPay Ltd?

BitPay is a legally registered company in Singapore. We successfully combine ease-of-use and flexibility with remarkable professionalism.

Our developers have turned the trading strategies of many experienced traders into an advanced and smart automated trading system, which is connected to our website and equally suited to all investors around the world, from beginners to professionals. It is BitPay Automated Trading System (BATS).

BitPay Automated Trading System (BATS) is a powerful, smart and flexible automated system which automatically trades on the Forex market 24 hours a day because it uses API to place forex trades depending on trading strategies of many experienced traders.

We have tested our system over six months and the results were great, which gave us the confidence to make this system available online.

To make our system fully automated, we have developed an Automatic Withdrawal System that you can configure to make it withdraw your profits automatically to your e-wallet. Also BitPay Ltd provides a simple and powerful Application Programming Interface (API) to allow you to programmatically perform nearly all actions you can do from our web interface.

In addition to the BitPay Automated Trading System (BATS), the Automatic Withdrawal System and API, we provide our clients with user-friendly applications, 24/7 support and highest safety standards to ensure that even beginners feel comfortable and secure while investing.

Our Services

Thanks to our professional service and client-oriented approach, we have the goal of becoming an outstanding automated Forex investing provider worldwide.

BitPay Ltd makes investing enjoyable, rewarding and easy because of our BATS system, fast execution, user-friendly environment, expertise and reliability.


We strive to gain the trust and confidence of our clients, this is our main priority. We guarantee to our clients that all financial transactions are performed in a strongly regulated environment in accordance with the highest safety standards.

System Reliability

The BitPay Automated Trading System (BATS) technological infrastructure is designed to support a 24/24 trading environment with almost 100% uptime. All of our systems are rigorously tested and they use the latest technologies to ensure uninterrupted connectivity for our clients.

About BitPay

We offer online trading and Forex on multiple platforms BitPay was launched in 2008 with the aim of bringing a new level of service to FX traders by bridging the gap between the institutional and retail FX trading world. Real Forex is powered by Audacious Financial Ltd., a financial corporation specialized in e-trading services for institutional clients.

Transparent TradingReal–Forex acts as a Non Dealing Desk FX broker and provides transparent and fair execution through the best ECN trading platform: BitPay. Traders are directly connected to theWORLD TOP 10 BANKS streaming pricing, without any interference.

Managed by qualified and very committed professionals with great FX trading experience, Real–Forex creates a new quality of trading environment, improving stability, speed of execution, and interface intuitiveness, along with a customized superior service and trading support to self and corporate traders worldwide.

Integrity above allAt BitPaytrading.co.uk, we put above everything else, integrity and transparency. In order to secure our clients’ deposits, we maintain very strict funds management protocols: Our dedicated account for client’s funds is completely separated from our company account and is under the supervision of a well known CPA auditor. Furthermore, we offer our clients who want to invest substantial amounts, the possibility of opening a segregated account on their own name into the financial institution we work with. For more information about segregated accounts please contact us.