Frequently Asked Question

  • Basics

  • Is the BitPay Ltd officially registered?

    Yes. BitPay Ltd is a legally registered company in Singapore.

  • What is the service you offer?

    We offer an investment service through our BitPay Automated Trading System (BATS).
    You can invest on the Forex market easily without going into its complexities.
    BitPay Automated Trading System (BATS) is a powerful, smart and flexible automated system which is able to trade Forex 24 hours a day because it uses API to place forex trades automatically depending on trading strategies of many experienced traders.
    Your account will be credited with an interest rate daily until you earn 160% profit.
    BitPay Ltd makes investing enjoyable, rewarding and easy because of BATS system, fast execution, user-friendly environment, expertise and reliability.

  • How can I invest?

    Open an account, login to your account and click "Make a Deposit".
    We accept BitCoin.

  • I want to invest but I don't have any e-currency account. What should I do?

    You can open a BitCoin for free. Then you can fund your account using any exchanger.

  • How do I open a BitPay account?

    You can open a new BitPay account by visiting this page [Open an Account]

  • Which e-currencies do you accept?

    We accept BitCoin.

  • How much will I earn when I invest?

    When you make a deposit, your account will be credited with floating interest rate daily until you earn 160% profit, then your deposit will expire.

  • How secure and safe is investing with BitPay Ltd?

    The BitPay Automated Trading System (BATS) technological infrastructure is designed to support a 24/24 trading environment with almost 100% uptime. All of our systems are rigorously tested and they use the latest technologies to ensure uninterrupted connectivity for our clients.

  • Investments

  • Will interest payments be credited to my account 7 days a week?

    Our BATS system can make profits when Forex market is open for trading. The Forex market is available for trading 24 hours a day, five and one-half days per week.

    • On Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday BATS system can trade 24/24.
    • On Friday, BATS can trade from 00:00 am GMT to 10:00 pm GMT.
    • On Sunday, Forex market opens only for 2 hours, from 10:00 pm GMT to 24:00 pm GMT. So, you will receive a little profit on Sunday.
    • On Saturday, you will NOT receive any profit because Forex market closes on Staurday.
  • When I will receive profits?

    At the time that BATS makes a profit from Forex trades that have been performed using your deposit, it credits a part of that profit in real-time to your account and retains the remaining part to the end of the day. At 23:59:59, our system calculates the interest rate for the day depending on the total amount of retained profits and credites each account with a share of that amount in a certain way that ensures all investors get the same interest rate.

  • Can I make daily profit to be paid directly to my e-currency wallet?

    Yes. You can do that by turning on Auto Withdraw Profits for any of your deposits.

  • Will I get a fixed interest rate?

    No. The interest rate varies depending on the results of BitPay Automated Trading System (BATS).