Earn 160% Profit Without Need To Do Anything

We offer an investment plan that allows you to earn 160% of your investments.

When you make a deposit, our system will pay floating daily interest until you earn 160% of your deposit. Principal is included in daily payments.

At the time that BATS makes a profit from trading using your deposit, our system will credit your account with a part of that profit in real-time and retains the remaining part to the end of the day.

Every day at 23:59:59, our system calculates the interest rate of the day depending on the amount of total retained profits, and credites each account with a share of that amount in a certain way that ensures all investors get the same interest rate. It means that even if BATS system failed to make profits from trading using your deposits, your account would be credited with an interest rate at the end of the day, because BATS made profits from trading using other investors deposits.

  • Earn 160% Profit
  • Instant Accruals
  • Instant Withdrawals
  • Automated Forex Trading System
  • Instant Notifications
  • Customizable Automatic Withdrawal System
  • User-Friendly Interface

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BitPay Automated Trading System (BATS)
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