Managed Accounts

We offer online trading and Forex on multiple platforms
The general purpose is to maximize profit in forex market where millions of investors trade and accept as the biggest market in the world. Sufficient acknowledge and time is needed in order to gain profit. Nevertheless most of investors either start to perform transactions without having enough information or they are short of time because of working at other sectors. Hedefonline has started to serve in this field with expert analysts and fx trend system which has been attracted attention of investors for 5 years. As from now Hedefonline presents fx trend system that is used by lots of investors, as an account type.

Your investments are processed on parities which are determined by our expert analysts, in your fx trend accounts. The main aim is to gain maximum profit with minimum risk for investors who have fx trend account. Fx trend system which is used particularly on gold and five currency pairs, targets to gain maximum profit by transacting daily trade in accounts of investors. In this manner you are going to observe that fx trend system that has been proved success over years, enrich your savings with assurance of Hedefonline.

We submit our professional support in fx trend system for investors who are new in financial markets and have not enough time to fallow markets. In this wise our investors improve their savings with fx trend system which captures attention with an eye-catching performance. All you should do is to open a fx trend account. You can benefit from this advantageous account type by contacting to our customer representatives.

Deposit Money 10,000 USD 50,000 USD Monthly Rates
September 201510.685 $53.425 $% 6,85 Details
October 201511.727 $58.639 $% 9,76 Details
November 201512.492 $62.462 $% 6,52 Details
December 201513.499 $67.497 $% 8,06 Details
January 201614.402 $72.012 $% 6,69 Details
Fabruary 201615.214 $76.073 $% 5,64 Details
March 201615.852 $79.268 $% 4,20 Details
April 201617.190 $85.958 $% 8,44 Details
May 201618.083 $90.427 $% 5,20 Details
June 201619.046 $95.246 $% 5,33 Details
July 201620.255 $101.294 $% 6,35 Details
August 201621.063 $105.335 $% 3,99 Details
September 201621.779 $108.916 $% 3,40 Details
October 201622.249 $111.268 $% 2,16 Details
November 201622.756 $113.804 $% 2,28 Details
December 2016 $ $ Details
Total Net Income 12,223 61,136 Total Details