Fix API Client

BitPay has the new FIX API. FIX is an industry standard protocol that can be used to exchange financial data between vendors.

BitPay API provides access to high-speed multi-bank FIX gateway (using the FIX 4.4 protocol). This gateway allows customers to access market data from over 10 different liquidity providers banks and non banks feed, as an aggregated.

For more information on the generic FIX protocol go to
connecting via an API/GUI interface. The new low latency environment is ideally suited to support high frequency trading.

HFT applications may be re-mote or co-located within the data center using fiber cross connections.
BitPay is focused on delivering a compelling liquidity offering for the Forex markets accessible via API
BitPay creates totally unique electronic G10 pricing through aggregating liquidity supplied by the top international banks and non-bank liquidity sources.
we are able to price tight and continually during volatile markets.

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